A Crane That Can Fit Through a Doorway


A conventional crane is large, it can’t work inside and it definitely can’t fit through a door way or down a single person path. So what do you do when access is restricted, a door way or path is your only access point but beyond it you need to lift something heavy and need to do it quickly and easily?


Fortunately, our cranes are different. They can fit down a path and can fit through a standard doorway and then expand when more space is available on the other side. That means they can reach the area where other cranes just can’t get to and carry out your lift. They can even work inside a building if required where a large lorry mounted crane just can’t reach.

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We needed a spider crane to move some heavy building materials into our garden and access was poor. We used Wobeck Crane Services after a recommendation and the service was fantastic. Saved us from having to tear down our fencing! Thanks.