Are our cranes right for your task? Here we take a look at the types of projects our cranes can undertake (amongst others) and also take a look at the more technical data about our cranes. Prospective clients are welcome to review this information in detail and can always pick up the phone and discuss their project with us so we can help determine if it is something that we can help with. We like talking about our cranes so hopefully we can find the right solution to your task.

Just what can our spider cranes be used for…

Technical Information



Crane Capacity 2.9t x 1.4m
Max Working Radius 8.41m
Max Lifting Height 8.8m (9.8m with fly jib, 10.47m with fixed hook)
Rope Length 14.12m (4 fall), 29.24m (2 fall), 59.47m (1 fall)
Dimensions When Folded 2690mm (2905mm diesel & electrical dual) (l) x 600mm (w) x 1375mm (h)
Weight 1850kg
Hook Speed 10m/min (with 4 layers and 4 falls)
Boom Length 2.53 – 8.65m
Telescoping Speed 6.12m/20 seconds
Boom Type 5 section hydraulically telescoping boom, hexagonal box construction
Derricking Angle / Speed 0 – 78˚/11 seconds
Slewing Angle / Speed 360˚ (continuous) 1.5min rpm
Traction hydrostatic, stepless forward and reverse
Travel Speed 0 – 2.3km/h
Gradability 20
Track Ground Length 1050mm
Track Ground Pressure 48kPa (0.49kg/cm²)
Track Width 180mm
Fuel 6 litre petrol tank with LPG option
Other Features computer controlled moment limiter (safe load indicator), radio remote control, overwinding alarm, computer controlled intelligent voice warning system, multi-function operation by radio remote control, intelligent throttle activation, automatic hook stow, overload warning alarms, overload warning lamps, working area limitation

Boom Stages

Fall Stages

Outrigger Specs

We had a borehole installation in a difficult position across uneven, wet, boggy ground and the pump needed removal so that a new pump could be installed. We could get a normal crane but it would have to be extremely large due to site restrictions, meaning a significant cost. The guys at Wobeck and their crane were fantastic. The crane tracked across the ground without a problem and carried out the work a good deal more cost effectively than would have been the case with a bigger lorry mounted alternative.