Our spider goes shopping!


Cranes indoors? In public spaces with limited room to manoeuvre? Sometimes you need to call in the experts!

Wobeck Cranes operate all over the north of England, including Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Doncaster. Due to their compact size, the spider crane is ideal for work within shopping centres and retail shops where access is restricted: whether it’s a shop front glazing project or lifting new exhibits into position, or even the erection of enormous Christmas trees!


Here, the spider is using glass vacuum lifters to remove the manual strain of lifting glass into position, making the whole process effortless.

Lifting Christmas trees into shopping centres:
The spider crane has a 600mm wide chassis, so it is capable of squeezing through internal doorways to reach even the most awkward lifting location. For example, we can carefully and safely lift large Christmas trees into the desired position. This time of year can be a busy for our spider cranes, as they are called upon to spread some Christmas magic and spruce up shopping centres throughout the north of England.

Our spider cranes are safe to use indoors and in public places, running on gas rather than diesel. Rest assured, health and safety is paramount to us at Wobeck Cranes. Our trained operators and experienced staff will help you every step of the way through your contract lift. Therefore, once we have completed the lifting phase safely, you are able to continue towards the completion of the project.


Our boat needed lifting into position but the access was poor and across protected flag stones where using a normal crane simply was not possible. We contacted Wobeck Cranes and the service was excellent from the outset, they discussed our problem, visited site and used their specialist crane service to lift our boat in to position and remove it at completion’. A job completed well and effectively