Project Leeds Canal

Leeds Canal

The Problem

We were approached by a specialist crew who inspect bridges in rivers and canals. They needed to work in the middle of Leeds City Centre in the Leeds canal and they needed their boat lifting into (and out of) the canal so they could carry out their important inspection work. There wasn’t a suitable mooring point for the boat. The lift space was open but the location of the lift meant that the crane would have to be sited on historically significant stone flags that a large, wheel based, crane would have damaged.

The Solution

A Wobeck Crane Services Spider crane was ideal for this. Its soft tracks, out-riggers and light weight (at just 1850kg) would have no impact on the stone flags but its lifting power was easily sufficient to lift the boat and inspection equipment into the canal at the exact point the crew needed. Important work inspecting the bridges could therefore progress without costly potential bills for damage to flagged areas along with the difficulties that this would have created.

Our boat needed lifting into position but the access was poor and across protected flag stones where using a normal crane simply was not possible. We contacted Wobeck Cranes and the service was excellent from the outset, they discussed our problem, visited site and used their specialist crane service to lift our boat in to position and remove it at completion’. A job completed well and effectively