Project Hot Tub Installation


The Problem

A private home owner contacted Wobeck Crane Services for help with a new hot tub installation. The hot tub needed to be installed on the balcony of their home to enjoy on pleasant summer evenings. However, it’s cumbersome size and shape meant it couldn’t be manually lifted and the location of the balcony meant that a conventional crane would have damaged the garden.

The Solution

One of our spider cranes was selected for the project. It tracked over the garden area without damage, deployed its outriggers on specialist pads and was still strong enough to pick up and lift the hot tub into position. We hope the owner enjoys their new hot tub!

Our boat needed lifting into position but the access was poor and across protected flag stones where using a normal crane simply was not possible. We contacted Wobeck Cranes and the service was excellent from the outset, they discussed our problem, visited site and used their specialist crane service to lift our boat in to position and remove it at completion’. A job completed well and effectively