Project Steel Beam Installation


The Problem

A building contractor was tight on space and needed some steel beams lifting into position to support the roof of a new building they were constructing. A normal lorry mounted crane just couldn’t get into the site due to access restrictions. The firm were also concerned about health and safety and who could take responsibility for the lift on the day.

The Solution

Following a phone call, one of our cranes was deployed that was small enough to gain access to the site but powerful enough to lift the steel beams into the position by a specially trained operative. Craig, our appointed person, prepared a lift plan so that the health and safety responsibility for the lift was undertaken by Wobeck Crane services.

We had a borehole installation in a difficult position across uneven, wet, boggy ground and the pump needed removal so that a new pump could be installed. We could get a normal crane but it would have to be extremely large due to site restrictions, meaning a significant cost. The guys at Wobeck and their crane were fantastic. The crane tracked across the ground without a problem and carried out the work a good deal more cost effectively than would have been the case with a bigger lorry mounted alternative.