Project Wobeck Crane Services Playing for The Bluebirds


The Problem

Barrow in Furness football club were in the process of replacing the lighting stacks on their flood lights for night games. These are large stacks that need to be mechanically lifted into position but their location meant that a crane would have to drive over the pitch. A large wheel mounted crane would damage the pitch and just wasn’t suitable.

The Solution

The potential for using the Wobeck spider crane was discussed and its small footprint appealed to the clubs management. The order was placed and the work progressed with no impact on the playing surface. We hope The Bluebirds have a successful season and enjoy night games under their new lights.

We have used Wobeck spider cranes in our parks for a number of jobs. From initial enquiry with them, I have found them to be reliable, professional and creative in delivering the exact solutions for our needs